Downsizing might just be the way for you and your family to get a fresh start.  As you near retirement age it is nice to think about the lifestyle you want to live and most importantly, where you want to live.  Many folks want to be as independent as possible as they age.  If you live in a large and maintenance intensive home it might do you good to think about downsizing. It’s easy to get started and their are many benefits.

Financial Benefits:

Downsizing can help with your finances.  Getting rid of large upkeep expenses, an aging mortgage and high taxes will certainly help.  If you can lower your expenses in this way you can set aside that money towards your retirement fund.   Paying off your old mortgage will eliminate many expenses that have to do with upkeep.  Imagine saving on heating and cooling expenses, yard upkeep expenses and replacing aging appliances and mechanicals.  An age restricted condo association will take care of all exterior maintenance, lawn care and large capital improvements to the property.

Make More Time for Yourself and those you want to Spend Time With

Fewer rooms and less space means you won’t be a slave to cleaning anymore.  This realizes a time benefit, but it also relieves stress too.  You can still have a retirement home with a guest bedroom so that when you want to have guests you can.   This will leave more time in your day to do more enjoyable things, like pursuing hobbies or taking up new ones.  Choosing a 55 and over community means you will meet new people and enjoy the benefits of that socialization.

Pick the right Age Restricted Community

If you decide to downsize and buy a newly constructed home, be sure you are dealing with a reputable builder. Beote Construction is the builder for the age restricted condos at Overlook Estates in Merrimack, NH.  Conor Beote, the owner of this company, brings many years of experience in constructing quality single family homes and multi-family communities to the Overlook Estates project.  He is hands-on and on-site to ensure that only the best materials and construction techniques are used.  His interest in smart home technology is a plus.

Living in Merrimack, NH

When choosing an age restricted home look at the local surroundings in the town in which it is built.  Think about the things you like in your town.  Is being close to major highways, close to shopping and near services like churches and medical facilities important to you?  Consider this when moving.  Overlook Estates in Merrimack is just minutes to Exit 11 from the Everett Turnpike, and convenient to groceries, churches, medial services, restaurants and parks.  Merrimack is a community with a great library and low crime rates.  New Hampshire, in general, is highly sought after for the quality of life, the outdoor amenities and the low sales tax rates.

Contact Beote Construction

Let Conor Beote know what your requirements are for your next home.  He has a lot of knowledge and expertise to share.  Contact him or call 603-320-0904