• Manchester View
    Everything You Want to Know About Manchester, NH
    Manchester is New Hampshire’s largest and most active city and hosts many growing industries, businesses and universities.  Manchester offers easy highway access to I-93, the Everett Turnpike, and Route 101 and the surrounding towns of Hooksett, Auburn, Londonderry, Bedford and Goffstown are close...
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  • Town Center of Merrimack NH
    Best Things to Do in Merrimack, NH
    Sandwiched between New Hampshire’s first and second largest cities, Merrimack is the perfect in between point between Nashua and Manchester.  Close enough to get to either city within 10 minutes, yet far enough away to enjoy a quiet rural setting.  This is what...
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  • Build a home
    Material Shortages and Delays Affect Home Building Contractors
    The home construction industry has seen almost 2 years of shortages for lumber, building materials and labor during the pandemic.  These shortages have been widespread and have caused price increases and delays in delivering new homes and condos to consumers.  The shortages have...
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  • Selling Your Home Fast
    Selling Your Home Fast
    It is important to know that your goals for selling a home quickly can be realized if you want to move into a new home fast and without hassles.  In today’s real estate environment, a home that is prepped and ready for sale...
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  • Applying for a Home Loan?  4 Mistakes to Avoid
    Applying for a Home Loan?  4 Mistakes to Avoid
    Buying a home is the American dream.  It is a large task to hunt for the perfect location, price range and amenities.  Making a major purchase like this is one you should plan carefully and judiciously. One thing you should also give some...
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  • Short Term Leasing
    Ready to Sell Your House and Don’t Have a Place to Go?  Rent on a Short Term Basis!
    The housing market in New Hampshire is fast moving and ever changing.  As the market swings into the busy seasons, some home owners are finding that they can sell their present home or condominium very quickly but their new home is not ready...
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  • NH builder of new homes
    Three Things to have in your Next Home if you will Work Remotely
    The notion of working from home is becoming commonplace in this day and age.  Many companies have told their employees they can work from home indefinitely.  These changes have forced many office workers to remain at home and have caused them to think...
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  • 55+ Condos in NH
    Home Buyers are Choosing New Hampshire as a Top Destination to Live
                            New Hampshire is a great place to live.  The state boasts a great lifestyle and plenty of activities and work opportunities.  There are places to live that have an urban feel...
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  • 55+ Condos in NH
    Downsizing to a 55 and Older Community?  Sell Your Present Home this winter!
    Don’t worry about selling your present home:  Winter is a good time to do it!  Selling your house this winter– Don’t let that stop you!  We asked our clients about their experiences selling in the winter.  Here are their thoughts. Show that Your...
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  • New Homes for sale in NH
    Location Lowdown:  Benefits of Living in Merrimack, NH
    The town of Merrimack is one of New Hampshire’s hidden gems. Located in between Nashua and Manchester, two of New Hampshire’s major cities, Merrimack is the perfect place to live. On one hand the suburban feel and country atmosphere are benefits, but you...
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  • Home Owners: Prepare Your Home for the Winter
    Home Owners: Prepare Your Home for the Winter
    We checked in with the CHUBB Insurance Company to find out what homeowners should be doing to prep their homes for the winter season that is coming soon. Here are their suggestions. Cool Weather Tips With cooler weather upon us, you may want to...
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  • The Most Popular Window Styles
    The Most Popular Window Styles
    Building your new home involves a lot of exciting decisions.  One of these important considerations involves window choices.   Windows are an outstanding feature of any home.  They provide light and atmosphere to every room, allow for air to circulate when you open them...
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  • Kitchen at Overlook Estates
    Buying a House During the Corona Virus Pandemic
    Inventory for homes is usually plentiful during the spring and summer buying months.  It’s the time when home buyers are looking to move and purchase a home.  During these difficult times, the ability to do this has changed a bit and although you...
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  • Should I Buy A House in New Hampshire?
    Should I Buy A House in New Hampshire?
    Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make during your life.  The present time is one that presents itself as a great time to buy.  Interest rates are low and the variety of homes on the market is good. ...
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  • Homes Built in Brookline NH
    How to Navigate the Home Loan Journey
    Buying a home is a milestone that many people dream about.   After many weeks/months of looking for your perfect home the next step is to procure financing for this purchase.  The process involves 5 major steps:  The application, loan estimate, home appraisal, loan...
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