Millennials are a large segment of home buying adults today.  The National Association of Realtors notes that more than 60% of home buyers under the age of thirty-five are entering the home buying market for the first time.  They are predominately looking to buy a newly constructed home because they want to avoid having to do costly renovations.  Plumbing and electrical repairs or modifications are not what they want to deal with.  They are also looking for homes that are an easy commute to their work and for homes that are energy efficient.

What Millennial’s Look for in a New Home

Millennials have set notions of what they want in their new home.   They want a place that will fit their needs for now.  Size is important but they definitively lean towards a compact and efficient design.  Houses that allow for expansion in the future are most desirable.   Most millennials like a home that is about 2500 sqft in size with two stories and open concept floor plans.  Three to four bedrooms and 2 to two-and-half baths are what they are looking for.  Large closets, laundry rooms, walk in pantries and full basements speak to their need for stocking up on the essentials of their lifestyle.

Lifestyle Amenities are Desired

Millennials are looking for a home that will enhance their lifestyle rather than define it.  They want to have a place that allows them to celebrate life, family and friends.   Smart technologies help them to achieve this.  When choosing appliances, they look for ones that tell them when service is needed, have energy saving features, are self heating and ones they can control from their smart phones.  Remote control of lighting, thermostats and door locks is paramount to the millennial life-style.  Open floor designs are sought after so that they can have flexibility in their uses for spaces.

Outdoor Living

Being outdoors matters, especially for NH home buyers.  Most millennials consider it a necessity, especially for entertaining.  75% of these first-time buyers are looking for a patio/deck and or porch.  Many desire outdoor kitchens/entertaining areas with grills, outdoor fridges and places for seating.  A yard with space for playing games, an outdoor fire pit and room for Fido to run are essential amenities.

Environmentally Sound Living

This generation cares about mother earth.  They insist upon energy saving and efficient appliances, state of the art efficient heating and cooling systems and responsibly sourced building materials.  Sustainable or reclaimed products for flooring, counter-tops and insulation are sought after.

Millennials are Well Informed

This group of home buyers are well educated about the features and amenities that they want in their homes.  They want cost effective, high tech and energy efficiency to be evident in their homes.  Their buying decisions will dictate that home builders take notice of what their new customers want.

Beote Construction in NH

Beote construction in New Hampshire has a focus on the needs of millennial buyers.  Owner, Conor Beote, is dedicated to listening to the needs of this group of home buyers.  Why wouldn’t he, he’s a millennial himself.  Mr. Beote’s designs include all the high tech, energy saving and sustainable features that are now the norm for new home buyers.  Contact him to find out more about the beautiful developments under construction or planned from this fine General Contractor.