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It is important to know that your goals for selling a home quickly can be realized if you want to move into a new home fast and without hassles.  In today’s real estate environment, a home that is prepped and ready for sale is the most important thing that you can do to ensure a speedy sale.  Here are our tips for selling your home fast.

Clean Your Home Inside and Out

This is the easiest and most cost efficient way to ensure that your home is ready to put on the market.  Buyers will be attracted to and impressed by clean and clutter free homes.  Do a deep cleaning of all surfaces, walls, baseboards, carpets and cabinets.  Look in your basement, garage and the yard at your home.  Get rid of extra stuff that you may be storing.  The buyer does not want to see a camper, motorcycle and a boat in your back yard or garage.  Move those things to an alternate location until you sell. 

 If you have a lot of stuff that you can’t part with, rent a storage unit off site from your property that you can bring extra belongings, machinery and equipment that is not normally in a home to.  Your collections, old furnishings or items that take up a lot of space should be removed from your attic, basement and garage.  If you have lots of room showing throughout your home, buyers will be given the impression of lots of space.  That’s a good thing.  Don’t forget to clean out closet space too.  When folks are touring your home they will open closets and they want to see that there is plenty of space in them. 

Store personal belongings, family photos, religious items, medical equipment and wild art work.  These items distract a buyer and impedes their ability to see themselves living in the home. 

Price Your Home Correctly

A realtor can be of great assistance when deciding how to price your home.  A realtor has lots of data from comparable sales and historic sales data to help with determining the price of your home.  Set a price that will attract buyers and will encourage them to tour your home.  You might even want to offer incentives to help with the sale.  Consider helping the buyer with the points they will be charged on their new mortgage or a rebate on their moving costs.  You will still get your price and you will have a lot of interested buyers looking too.  Determine the threshold for when you might consider lowering the price on your home if it does not sell as quickly as you had hoped. 

Make Sure the Home is in Good Repair

This doesn’t mean you need to redo the kitchen or add a bath, but some repairs like replacing broken screens, fixing loose door knobs or loose tiles can make a good visual impression.  Buyers often ask about water pressure when buying.  Make sure you have no leaks in the basement, all faucets are water tight and that your water heater is in good repair.   Replace old light bulbs, put new batteries in your smoke and CO detectors, inspect your fire extinguisher and make sure it hasn’t expired. 

Exterior Attention

“Love at First Sight” can happen if you have the right curb appeal.  Check out your yard for improvements that you can make to the exterior landscaping.  At the very least make sure your lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed and leaves are raked in the fall.  In the spring and summer month’s plant bright and colorful annuals that will make your house stand out.  In the fall, planters with mums and fall plants look great too.  If your driveway, walkway or steps are deteriorating- repair or replace them to avoid tripping hazards for those coming to tour your home.  Most folks want to have the feeling that they can just move-in and not have to do repairs themselves so you will increase your chances of a sale if you take care of these things before you put your house on the market.

Write a Great Description of your Property

You know your house better than anyone.  In addition to the facts about your home like the number of bedrooms, the age of your appliances and when you roof was installed; it is also good to give some personal insights.  Describe the wonderful family cookouts you enjoyed on the patio, talk about the walks in the neighborhood, the great school that children attend nearby, explain great meals you have had at local restaurants.  This gives a buyer an insider perspective on living in your home.  It is a nice personal touch. 

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Have Outstanding Photos of your Property

If your realtor doesn’t provide this service, be sure that you put in the extra effort to hire a good professional photographer to do a photo shoot at your house.  These photos should be done on a bright sunny day after all the clean-up and decluttering has been done at your property. 


Sold Your House and Now Looking to Move to a New Place?

If your home ownership dreams include a newly constructed house make sure you find a reputable construction company. Beote Construction has been building quality homes, duplexes and multi-family projects for many years.    Contact them about one of their new condominium or home developments in southern New Hampshire.