Building your new home involves a lot of exciting decisions.  One of these important considerations involves window choices.   Windows are an outstanding feature of any home.  They provide light and atmosphere to every room, allow for air to circulate when you open them and they give your home curb appeal.  That is why choosing windows for your new home is a critical step in planning for construction.  Here is a list of the most common styles for windows.

Single Hung Windows:  These windows are incredibly energy-efficient.  The top half remains fixed while the bottom half is open.  At about $250 to $400 each they are cost effective as well.

Double Hung Windows:  Are a standard in most homes.  They can be opened from the top and bottom allowing you to control the air flow into a room.  Many have tilt in features that make it easy to clean them.  Prices range from about $225 to $450 each.

Sliding Windows:  Don’t want to have a bar in the middle of your view?  Then a sliding window is for you.  They allow for airflow and a beautiful view of the outdoors.  Prices range from $375 to $625.

Casement Windows:  These are commonly known as crank windows.  They are made from a single piece of glass that you can open with a crank.  They are popular in rooms like a bathroom where you can vent air into a room and still maintain privacy.  These windows can range in price from about $350 to $600.

Architectural Shapes Windows:  These are special windows that can fit into many different sized rooms and spaces.  Configuring several together can make for a beautiful arrangement of light in a room.  They can be round, half round, oval and octagonal.  These windows don’t usually open.  Prices vary depending on the shape and size of the window.

Bay and Bow Windows:  These units are three or four windows that protrude outside the building.  They can create a warm and cozy nook in any home and create amazing curb appeal.  Prices start at about $2,300.

Garden Windows:  Want to have a garden in your room?  These windows are great in the kitchen if you want to grow herbs or veggies.  The sun shines in from all sides with these windows.  These are priced at $2,000 to $2,500.

Acrylic Block Windows:  Great for privacy and used as a solution to block a view that is undesirable.  Useful to bring light into bathrooms, basements and porches.  Prices start at about $500.

Sliding Patio Door Windows:  Turn a window into a doorway with these large floor to ceiling windows.  You can increase floor space inside a room as you have no need for door swing allowances with these windows.  Prices range from $14,00 to $1,800.


Beote Construction uses a variety of window styles in the new homes that are built for their clients.  Talk to Conor Beote about your window needs.