The notion of working from home is becoming commonplace in this day and age.  Many companies have told their employees they can work from home indefinitely.  These changes have forced many office workers to remain at home and have caused them to think about how to make working from their homes more efficient and comfortable.  Here are some things to have in your next home if you work remotely.  Keep them in mind as you are hunting for your next home or looking to have a new home built for you.

Technology in your new home

Utilities that Support Your Technology Needs

Buyers are now hyper-aware of the need for super-fast connections, the availability of plenty of electrical outlets and connections as well as wiring that allows for hard-wired internet that is fast.   If you work from home they are considered essential.   When speaking with a builder, plan ahead for these things before they are framing your new house.  Good utilities are essential for work from home locations.

New Home with place to work from home

Keeping the Sound in-Check and Being Flexible

Working from home places new demands on your home spaces.  Does your job require you to be on lots of Zoom calls, video conferences and constant phone calls when you work from home?  If so, having a quiet work space is important.  Not only does it allow you to get your work done, but your family won’t have to tip toe around the house all day.  When looking for a new home look for spaces or rooms that can be cut off from the rest of the home.  These can serve as a home office and offer flexibility.  Many new home buyers can use a room as their home office during the day and then have it double as a guest room when you have company or a space for crafts, homework or yoga when you are not working.  You may want to ask for extra insulation or sound-proofing in these rooms to keep the atmosphere quiet when you are working.

Outdoor space in your new home

Outdoor Space for Breaks, Fitness and Relaxation

Let’s face it, working on-line all day is tiring and draining.  Many homeowners are looking for outdoor spaces that can be a refuge when they need a break from work.  A simple patio or deck can be your lunch or break space when you work from home.  These can provide a quiet outdoor space where you may recharge or relax.  It is also a space where your family can feel like they are with you when you take that break from work.  Homeowners also want space where they can be outdoors for fitness and relaxation.  Landscapers are reporting that new home buyers are requesting golf putting greens at their homes, outdoor pools and meditation gardens in their yards.  You might also want to plan for a fitness area inside your home.  A dedicated space for exercise, gym equipment and workout related space is growing very popular.  You might consider converting areas like your basement, garage or attic into these kinds of fitness spaces.

NH Builder of new Homes

Beote Construction is NH’s premier Builder

When house hunting keep these items in mind and make your home the perfect place for working from home.  Beote Construction is very in tune with the latest smart technologies and upgrades to your new home that will enhance your work from home experience and life in general.  Contact them about one of their new condominium or home developments in southern New Hampshire.