In this post, we’ll discuss the top 10 trends in home building that we can expect to see in 2024 into 2025. The year is revitalizing the residential construction industry with innovative developments and return to calmness, which are reflected in the trends discussed.

Sustainable home
1. Sustainable and Energy-efficient homes

With concerns about climate change and the cost of living, sustainable and energy-saving homes are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is expected to continue in the next two years. Homeowners will be looking for more eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions.

Home building trends
2. Multi-generational Living

The trend of multi-generational living, where extended families live together in the same home, is expected to continue in 2024-2025. With growing families and an aging population, this trend provides a solution for how families can live together and take care of each other in one space.

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3. Living Space Over Garages

The ultimate solution for limited space, homeowners are turning their garages into living spaces. Whether for extra bedrooms, an office, or a game room, adding a home living space over a garage increases the property’s value and provides additional space for homeowners.


Smart Homes
4. Smart Homes

Smart homes are becoming more prevalent, with homeowners looking for more technology to simplify their lives and provide comfort. From automated lighting and temperature controls to voice-activated home assistants, smart homes are becoming the norm.  Many kitchen appliances have smart features.

Outdoor Living spaces

5. Outdoor Living Spaces

With the increase in remote work and spending time at home, outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular. From outdoor kitchens to patios, adding usable space to your backyard can provide a peaceful retreat from the noise of everyday life.


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6. Eco-Friendly Materials and Construction

With the growing awareness of the environment, eco-friendly materials and construction methods are becoming more prevalent. Homeowners are looking for sustainable solutions, such as using recycled materials and energy-efficient building methods.

colorful tile
7. Bold Color and Decor

In contrast to the minimalistic trends of the past, bold colors and decor are making a return to the home-building industry. From patterned wallpaper and colorful tile to colorful paint choices, homeowners are looking to add personality and character to their homes.

custom bathroom

8. Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms

Custom kitchens and bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular, with homeowners looking to make their spaces unique and personalized. From custom cabinetry and countertops to showers and vanities, these upgrades can provide a luxurious retreat.

Multi-purpose space

9. Dynamic Multipurpose Spaces

With the rise of remote work and flexible lifestyles, dynamic multipurpose spaces are becoming more popular. These spaces can be used for work, exercise, hobbies, and more, providing versatility and convenience.


10. Dedicated Mortgage Information

As a result of the housing market’s volatility, homeowners are looking for dedicated mortgage information from professionals.   These individuals can assist with paying off old mortgages and provide guidance on various financial aspects of homeownership.  They can prequalify you for your next loan, assist with financing options and help connect you with interest rates and terms that fit your budget.


In summary, the home-building trends for 2024 into 2025 are focused on sustainability, functionality, and personalization. Homeowners are looking for solutions that meet their needs and preferences, with eco-friendly materials, smart home technology, custom spaces, and more. With the continued growth of the residential construction industry, these trends are poised to set the stage for a strong couple of years in the building industry.

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