The heart of your home is the kitchen.  It is the one room where designers put a lot of focus and energy when planning the flow and design of the interior of any new home.  Here is a peek into some of the hottest kitchen design trends in new home construction today.

Color Cabinetry

The color to look for is green.  It brings a feeling of nature to the kitchen environment.  Look for muddy greens with brass toned hardware.  These pair well with light colored stone or marble countertops.  If you really want to up your style factor you can go bold with dark soapstone counters.  This trend is gaining popularity this year too.  Homeowners are not looking for cookie cutter cabinets.  Plans include unique configurations of custom draws and cabinets to take care of storage and appliance accessibility.  Choosing the design of the face of your cabinets is also trending for clean lines and simple design.  Many folks are shying away from rounded moldings for simple shapes.

Statement Stoves

There is a lot to consider when choosing a stove for your new home.  Many are leery of choosing a statement stove as they are afraid that the stove may go out of style more quickly.  There is a way to combat this.  Choose your statement stove in a neutral color like black or off white.  Choose hardware that is eye catching but could be changed out in the future if your taste changes.  Build your other appliances like your dishwasher and refrigerator in the colors of your cabinetry.  Beware, these trendy stoves are expensive so be sure that the stove offers all the cooking features that you want.  For instance, can it serve as both a conventional oven and a convection oven.

Open Display Islands

Our kitchens today often are the gathering spaces in the home.  To make it feel more like a “living room” rather than just a work space, many opt for shelving that can serve as display areas.  Gone are the days when every shelf and space in the kitchen was crammed with gadgets and small appliances in plain view.  When choosing items to display keep your color scheme in mind to set the feel you want to project.

A Pantry Wall

Having a wall of storage cabinets is super .  This trend is coming on strong.  You will often see the walk-in pantry eliminated in favor of this type of storage.  Choose a color that subtly enhances your other kitchen cabinets.  Storage for gadgets, food staples and cookbooks are well handled with this type of design.  When planning your lighting options try to think about fixtures that will shine into the pantry cabinets to give you plenty of light when you are looking for something.

When designing your perfect kitchen keep these trends in mind but also remember that practicality and budget are often deciding factors in what you will choose.  Enjoy your new kitchen!

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